About An Omakase

Established in 2023, embark on a culinary odyssey at AN Omakase, where the essence of Japanese gastronomy meets the vibrant spirit of Singapore. Immerse yourself in the sleek and mysterious design, adorned with black stone and stainless steel. Diners have a choice of Omakase menus at the 15-seater counter helmed by veteran Singaporean Chef Shim, creating a chic ambiance that sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

Our Chef

Meet Chef Shim, a culinary virtuoso whose journey into the world of Japanese cuisine began at the tender age of 17.  With 10 years of culinary experience, Chef Shim left an indelible mark at Manten Omakase, nestled in the heart of KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As a local chef, Shim thrives on challenging norms and infusing innovative twists into the traditional Japanese Omakase experience. His creations aim to captivate and impress, promising a delightful departure from the ordinary.

Guided by renowned Japanese Chef Homare Sakamoto, and trained under disciple of Chef Nobu, Chef Shim brings a wealth of culinary wisdom to the table now at AN Omakase. Diners can anticipate savoring his signature dishes such as the Aburi Ootoro—a melt-in-your-mouth explosion and Aburi Foie Gras, where foie gras is draped over a slice of scallop on rice and torched till the fat sizzles before topped with sea urchin and caviar.

The Interior

Escape to Serenity: An Omakase is a haven where guests can momentarily escape the chaos of the outside world. It offers a peaceful atmosphere, inviting diners to unwind and savour each moment.

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